Don’t get ahead of me here unless you live in Colorado, ok? By growing your own, I am suggesting grow your food or at least enough to supplement what you can get at the grocery store or the farmers market.  I know that a lot of us simply don’t have space for a vegetable garden especially apartment dwellers and those who live in hoity-toity neighborhoods who would frown on those who pretended to be Oliver Douglas.  Yes, I’m old. (Green Acres, look it up) The other consideration is that you don’t want golfers at the club traipsing through your zucchini searching for that errant shot wide of the fairway. On the other hand, you might be surprised what you can do with a little.  It’s springtime. A clay pot in a sunny window could produce a lot of herbs.  The kids love to participate in this and watch things grow.
Jeanie and I didn’t have a lot of space, so I bought four whisky half-barrels and placed them on the South side of the house.  I had more Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme than Simon & Garfunkel.  (I said I was old)

I couldn’t possibly use all that we had grown.  We also made room for a few tomato & pepper plants. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling when you can pluck a few things, bring them inside for a wash and provide for your family. There is no time like the present.  Stop at a greenhouse for some small starter plants.  We go through a lot of Basil, Flat leaf Italian Parsley and Cilantro around here and they add such wonderful distinctive flavor to your food.  It even helps the kids be a little more adventurous to see where our food comes from. So whether you have an acre or just a window box, grow your own.

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