I’m in the kitchen whooping up some Bolognese’ for Jeaner (my pet name for Jeanie) and got to thinking about the flip to 2017. I have seen so many social media posts today exclaiming “I’ll be so glad to put 2016 behind me, what a horrible year!”  It might have been.  I’ve had years like that.  We all have.  If  2016 was your worst year ever due to loss or misfortune, I understand, and I’m very sorry. On the other hand, when I read a post that says “The guy ahead of me in the express checkout has 15 items” I begin to think …really?  What an incredible inconvenience. Have you sat with someone you love for 15 hours during chemo? Have you helped rescue a family that lost everything down to their toothbrushes in a fire?

Please, think about it.  We are all so incensed at the smallest of inconvenience.  Imagine for a moment that your hometown is Allepo?  (Look it up) We are pretty blessed. People are still upset that we had free, unobstructed, democratic elections in this country.

This is the closest to politics that I’ll ever get.  Can we just be done now and hope that the future is brighter? A lot of it has to do with our attitudes and its high time we take responsibility for that.  2017 can be great, but each of us has to will it and try.  If we all clean up our little corner of the world, life will be better for all.

If I could offer this, I intend to complain a LOT less in 2017.  I will take responsibility for my actions and not look to place blame elsewhere.  I intend to greet each person with a warm smile until they do me wrong. 2017 can be a marvelous year.  In fact, the best.

We each have to contribute to it’s greatness.  I’m in!  How bout you?

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