It’s truly amazing how time changes everything in our lives.  I remember when I bought my first boat.  It was a beat-up little aluminum row boat.  I walked away from the deal originally because the seller wanted $200 and I thought I could get it for $100.  Eventually, I caved.  It didn’t even have oars, which I had to go purchase.  Still, it was a boat and it was mine.  We caught a lot of fish in that little craft.  barely large enough for two people. Later down the road, I took my income tax refund and bought a 16 foot “Bat Boat”.  We called it that because it was a very old fashioned, sun faded red Chrysler with fins.  But, it had a motor.  No more rowing.  I spent $1,000 that I shouldn’t have, but it put my family on the water. 

Eventually, over time, I bought an 18ft Four Winns Ski boat.  Now I could make my kids fly around the lake on tubes or water skis and pay them back for each and every minor indiscretion. I had more fun than they did, I think.  We would pack snacks and a cooler full of beverages and enjoy ourselves no matter how hot it was.  That purchase added an element of freedom we had never experienced.  Instead of laying around the house complaining about the heat, everyone lit up with smiles, grabbed their sunscreen and a beach towel and off we went.  So much fun those days were.

Whether on the water or dry land, time changes us.  In my reckless youth, speed was important.  I had a convertible Triumph TR-4, a Fiat, an XKE-Jaguar and a 78 Silver anniversary Corvette.  You finally reach a place where its not worth the time and trouble to climb in and out of them.  I remember one morning in Denver, my pal Dr. Joe Soble from Accuweather called me and told me we were about to have a record setting snow storm.
I got off the air and went to purchase a 4×4 Ford Bronco.  That’s when I realized that looking cool wasn’t as important as being able to get around.  Much like today.
The ski boats are gone.  My sons can buy them if they’d like.  I am FINALLY old enough for a Pontoon.  My need for speed has passed.  I just want to cruise, have an adult beverage and watch either the sunrise or the sunset and enjoy watching my grandchildren fish. I have no desire to impress anyone, I just want to enjoy each day I am blessed with.  “A cooler with a steering wheel” That’s the name of the game.  Jeanie loves to read a book in the sun.  What a coincidence.  My favorite thing is WATCHING her read a book in the sun.  Yes, time changes everything.  The best part may yet lie ahead.

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