After 45 years doing morning radio, it goes without saying that everything in our house is a “Bit.”  I used to do a daily feature called “Here’s Another Stupid Bit” My family plays this game very well.  Who among us hasn’t splattered olive oil or tomato sauce on themselves while cooking?  I’ve never really been an apron guy, and I don’t wear a chef’s coat because I haven’t earned one.  Those professionals are special. I, on the other hand, have a row of “Cooking Shirts” hanging in the closet.  I bet I’ve had some of these old pocket T-shirts for 20 years.

They used to be my Fat shirts.  XXL and even some XXX-L.  When I lost 90 pounds, I gave all of my suits, sport coats, slacks and good shirts to charity.  Nobody would want these T’s, but I love em’.  Yes, they are clean, but they feature stains from many attempts at culinary perfection.  (Not always achieved by the way) I can’t wear them outside of the house.
When I’m cooking, the whole family has gathered around in the kitchen.  When there is a mishap of some sort, and I cover the front of me with some type food, oil or sauce, everyone yells “Cooking Shirt!”  This is how my shirts become cooking shirts.


Once I’ve gathered all the ingredients for a meal, the first thing I do before I wash chicken parts, slice onions or begin a sauce’ is slip into one of my old comfy cooking shirts.  They help put me in the frame of mind to try something daring because they cannot be damaged further.  If they are, it simply adds to its character.  If the kids come over, and I’m in nice clothes, they know we are going out to eat.  However, if Dad is in one of his trusty cooking shirts, they know to grab a glass of wine or a beer because we’ll be eating soon.

I also can’t stand the feeling of cooking in long sleeves for TWO reasons.  Reason number one is that I wash my hands so much that I always get the sleeves wet, and that is a creepy feeling when your cuffs are wet.  Reason number two…….?

Reason number two deserves it’s own blog post.  Next time friends!


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