We found an apartment to live in while we build our little place up north.  I can’t wait to start cooking.  There’s just one problem. The tiny one butt galley kitchen in our rental is full of cardboard boxes and I don’t have a clue where anything is.

I guess there are two problems actually.  The refrigerator is empty unless I can find a way to make a meal out of a bottle of mustard and a jar of pickles.  The thought of a sack of crap from a drive-thru place is NOT an option.  The thought of another slice of pizza is enough to launch a gag reflex.  What is a foodie to do?  Go out of course.  We had driven past what appeared to be nothing more than a little strip mall without giving it any thought.  Isn’t there a little restaurant in there I asked?  Jeanie wasn’t sure, so we headed out the door.  When we arrived at The Euro Bistro we were greeted at the door by the gracious host and seated.  Euro Bistro is a quaint, intimate place with white table cloths, an extensive wine selection and aromas that make your imagination kick into over-drive.  Akram is the owner and he is a kind and elegant gentleman with an exceptional eye for quality ingredients.  The wait staff was so wonderful that by the end of the night we wanted to adopt them all and take them home.

Jeff is the bar manager and a great guy as well.  Now, I’ll get to the best part.  Everything!  The menu blew us away.  When our salads arrived, they were so incredibly fresh and flavorful.  The appetizer selection is unique and wonderful.  The entrées were so perfectly prepared and beautiful that they looked like magazine covers.  The Euro Bistro has become “Our Place”.

I’d like it to remain my little secret, but I can’t.  That’s not what foodies do.  For my West Michigan friends, you’ll find The Euro Bistro at 6450 28th St. SE in Grand Rapids.  So good, we are going back tonight.

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