So many of you have messaged or emailed to ask that question.  It is very nice to know that you cared enough to reach out to us.  Our building project is  progressing very well.  It will be quite an adjustment getting used to living in a cottage.  As most couples discover after raising a family and becoming “Empty Nesters”, they have too much space and too much stuff.  The simplification process has begun. I admit that it’s difficult to let go of things but we both long for a downsized simpler life.  Even though Jeanie grew up in Denver and enjoys city life, we are both looking forward to the quiet, self reliance and slower pace of life in the sticks.

I thought I would share a few pics with you so you could see where we began, and how we got to where we are now.  I will share the completed project when we get there, perhaps even a virtual tour.  I can’t wait to get into the new kitchen.  It might take some practice to get used to the new stove.  I have never had one like this beast but I’m very excited about the opportunity to share the results with you.  Yes, we are taking it down a notch in some respects, and elevating our game in others.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us and for all of your support over the years.

Sincerely,  Neal & Jeanie Dionne

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