Here we are.  Early September.  Within a week or so, our area’s magnificent sweet corn will reach the end of the road.  You can see the end of the field.  I wish the season were longer, or forever for that matter, but it is-what it is.  One must make hay when the sun shines.

We have great local sweet corn.  I must admit that my favorite is Carr Farms.  This stuff is unbelievable,  So sweet and moist; you can grab an ear and eat it off the stalk.  Grandpappy always said, “The first four row are for the passers-by.”  No heat, no sugar, no salt.  Just husk it and eat.  Incredible. I have made many a full meal this way by just putting it near the campfire or wrapping in foil.  So freaking good!

In good conscience, I could not let this incredible season slip away without making a valiant effort to capture the best of the season and preserve it for the harsh winter months.  I visited two Carr Farm stands.  One near Greenville on M-57 and another on Alpine, run by my buddy John.  The Suburban was packed to the gills with this luscious goodness, and I worried all the way home whether I could do this wonderful farm family justice.

This all started back in 1987 when the Matriarch of the family (Nancy Carr) decided to offer this sweet, delicious sweet corn to the locals in Lakeview and set up the first farm stand.  Before that, her hand delivered sweet corn to locals at wholesale prices. Nancy was loved by all.
We will even share her trusty recipe right here in a moment. Nancy was a visionary and what she started is in full swing today and thriving. People drive for hours in all directions to get this amazing sweet corn. I am a regular, so I understand it.  It’s like candy.  We lost Nancy unexpectedly immediately following the corn season of 2003.   A tremendous loss for the family and all of West Michigan. Next summer, If you’re in the general vicinity, this is the corn ya gotta have!  Here is Nancy’s recipe card for freezing.  

You’re welcome.    Neal

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