Some days she is so sweet and kind that you fall in love and can scarcely believe your good fortune.  Then, there are other days when she offers a cold shoulder.  She is capable of great warmth, but her mood can change in an instant and freeze you in your tracks.  How fickle she can be.  Just when you begin to trust her, you find that trust misplaced and the hard reality sinks in. There is no rhyme or reason for her unpredictability.  Just when you think you have her figured out, she surprises you yet again.  She’ll drive you crazy if you let her.  You must simply come to the realization that she is impossible to control and just as difficult to predict.

Sunset at home

I can’t decide whether Mother Nature has a sublime sense of humor or an evil streak.  She teases us with sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s, then 60’s, even flirting with 70 degrees!
Did I mention that she is a flirt too?  Its February.  That cold, dark, wet month when we are used to remaining indoors with daydreams of getting outside to resume a more ambitious routine.  I walked outside for a while yesterday, longing for the warmth required to turn some earth and start planting.  She sneers at my gullibility.  My mind even wandered as far as to think of ice-off, boat-in. That I’m sure was worthy of a loud guffaw from above.  After several days of record-setting warm temperatures, our lake opened up today.  Within minutes I could hear a whole flock of geese circling before the splashdown.  They are swimming and honking with delight.  Apparently, Mother is not above tormenting animals as well.

In spite of her on again, off again demeanor, Its the dreams of the days ahead that keep me going.  I admit that I love snow and the crackle and smoke of a roaring fireplace, but this is the time of the year when you want to put the fireplace tools away and sweep up the dust in the garage and wood box. Time to replace the hearty indoor casseroles with wonderful fresh food cooked over charcoal with family and friends outdoors.  Could it be so?  Will she permit it?
Only Mother Nature knows.  Far be it from me to try to second-guess a woman.

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