It seems so strange to look out the window and see nothing tied to the dock.

It is always a melancholy day when the guys from Nelson’s Speed Shop come to load up our boat for winter storage. They will haul it, shrink wrap it and store it until spring.
So much of the lake lifestyle is centered around the watercraft. I fondly recall those glorious sunny afternoons when I’d pilot us in circles around the lake, listening to music while Jeanie reads in the sun. Closing my eyes, I can still experience the excitement a child feels when they catch their first fish. I’ll miss the sounds of giggling children waiting patiently for their turn to drive the boat in Grandpa’s lap and the outdoor barbecues that followed. I’ll miss lathering up the kids with sunscreen, playing hide and seek outside, squirt gun fights, the sandbox and blowing bubbles. With a sigh, it’s time to move indoors.

It is time to trade the bonfire for a fire in the fireplace. Time to trade the hamburgers and paper plates for heartier comfort foods that either slowly roast or gently simmer all day.
Time to trade the sandy flip-flops for snow-caked mittens on the heat registers. Time to trade the popsicles and ice cream for Jeanie’s giant, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Time for good books and binge-watching, popcorn & bedtime stories read aloud under a blanket. Time for snow angels and snowmen with stick arms & carrot noses. It’s time to say goodbye to the warmth of the sun and embrace the comfort and security of home.
Now that I think of all this, it’s not a bad trade. Time nor weather wait for anyone. Its much like life in general. It’s up to us to make the best of what we are given.

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