There is not much chance of that on the immediate horizon but all of our local meteorologists are pretty excited about our first snow, which is predicted for this weekend.  The first snow of the season is always interesting because it seems like most people have forgotten how to drive in the white stuff.  Slowly, we’ll get used to it. 

But let me ask you this. What would your reaction be if you were snowed in?

For the vast majority of us, the approach of a major winter storm can bring on thoughts depression, claustrophobia or even panic.  The thought of being stranded, cut off or unable to go about our daily routine can certainly be disruptive but I see it in a completely different light.  Perhaps it goes back to my years in Colorado.  When I lived up in the Rockies, you HAD to be prepared.  It wasn’t unusual to get a foot of snow overnight, or four for that matter.  You couldn’t get out and you had to make sure that you could survive until the plows came.
When a blizzard warning was announced there were things you had to do.  Top off the gas in the cars and add survival gear, stock up on groceries, chop wood.  I was once snowed in for 10 days and I learned many great lessons that I practice to this day.  One of those is to keep a well-stocked pantry.  One of the greatest pleasures of this experience is knowing that you are prepared.  I can think of nothing better than making a nice warm meal as I watch a raging winter storm through the kitchen window.  When the house smells good, when there is a full wood box and everyone is safe inside…..That’s the best.
There is such satisfaction when you can be self-sufficient andsimply reach for things that you have on hand.  I always keep plenty of dry goods such as rice, beans and pasta.  There is always marinara, soups and stocks, canned vegetables and condiments.  You are living large when you can simply pull a piece of meat from the freezer and pair it up with any number of healthy meal stretchers from the pantry. I also like to keep a sack of potatoes on hand as well as juice, crackers, cans of nuts, energy bars, egg noodles, canned tomatoes & peppers.  You don’t have to wait for a storm to take advantage of the bounty in the pantry.  That’s what it’s there for, convenience and speed when you don’t have time (or the ability) to run to the store. The first snow of the season is always my cue to prepare for winter.  It’s kinda fun actually.  As long as I’m ready for the BIG one…..Let it snow!

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