How odd they were.  Laugh or cry?  Not sure.  In the early morning hours of Saturday, June 18th as I was preparing to leave for work I heard voices in the living room,  I couldn’t imagine who could be up this early.  I heard Jeanie’s loving tone and assumed that she was speaking on her cell to our two-year-old granddaughter “Charie” (Charlotte Jean).  I threw on a  shirt and came out to the living room and saw my three boys there.  Bigby coffee in hand and ready to go to the B93 Birthday bash.  I was speechless. I guess they knew I didn’t want to go  alone because they knew this would be the last time .

I had climbed those steps to the stage hundreds of times and never thought about it. This time would be different because it wouldn’t happen again.  Nine steps and the grass, that would be it for me.  I had been the M.C. at the B93 Birthday Bash for 23 years and this was 24 and my last.  I had no idea what I might say when I got up there and when it was done, I had no recollection of what I said.  I simply wanted everyone to know how much they meant to me. I’m certain that it meant little to many, but it meant the world to me.

I wanted the chance to look everyone in the eye and tell them I loved and appreciated them.

That we had come a long way together.  Again, I don’t remember what I said.  It was a blur but I gained great strength from my wife and sons. This ain’t a big deal.  Radio folks disappear all the time.  Shocking!  This case (mine) is a little unusual because my listeners and I understand each other.  I never lied to them.  I always said what I thought and wore my heart on my sleeve for all to see. I never wanted to be some radio star.  I just wanted to be me, and my audience knew that and allowed it.  That’s why I will carry this special relationship with me for the rest of my days.

We met on July 23rd 1992 and became fast friends and I sincerely hope we remain so.  This site will give us the chance to stay connected and share the things that made our relationship so special.  I see each person as a dear friend, wheather we ever met or not,  and I am grateful beyond words.  I want to talk about life and love and family and food, as I always have.  Those things brought us together in the first place, and it is my hope that they will keep us together to the end. I hope you enjoy this site and visit regularly.

Special thanks to my Jeanie and sons Jeff, Christopher, Nick and Jordan.  They have always supported my dreams and participated with great gusto.  I have gotten more love and help than I deserved.  What a lucky man I am!



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