Anyone who has spent any time at all in the kitchen has had a disaster or two along the way.
I’ve certainly had my share over the years but every time, I learn something that helps me improve.  I will happily share my screw-ups here so that you may avoid the mistakes I’ve made. Some misjudgments, unfortunately, turn into bad food or having to throw everything away, and order take out.  Some can even turn into a new paint job.

Do you happen to remember an earlier post of mine called  “Cooking Shirts”?
I mentioned that I wouldn’t cook in a long sleeve shirt for two reasons.

#1  I wash my hands regularly and always get my sleeves wet. (A feeling I hate)
#2  Here is the rest of that story.

Several years ago, I decided to make loaves of Banana Bread as Christmas gifts for all of our neighbors.  I bought loads of bananas, set them on the counter and waited patiently for a few days while they “Matured”.  Finally, the baking day arrived.  It was December 23rd.  Everyone would get their gifts on Christmas Eve.  I pulled out my ten-ton mixer (Exaggeration but it’s heavy!)  I started mixing the dry ingredients and started peeling bananas.  After mixing the mashed bananas with the dry ingredients, I could see that it was time to scrape down the sides of the bowl.  I turned the mixer off and raised the beaters out of the mixing bowl.

As I reached for my silicone rubber spatula, my LONG Sleeve caught on the mixer switch and thrust it into high gear with the beaters still in the air and FULL of banana goop. I was so surprised that it took several seconds to turn the machine off, but it was too late.  The damage was done.  I now had a banana textured ceiling.  Over my kitchen island hung a huge pot rack full of pots & pans.  They were completely splattered and dripping with banana guts.
Banana on the walls, the windows, the stove, and microwave.  Our family room was attached to the kitchen, and even the furniture had banana polka dots.  I had banana in my eyes and my hair (Yes, I had hair back then) I spent hours cleaning up that mess.  And that ladies and gentlemen is why I will NOT wear a long sleeve shirt in the kitchen!

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