I mentioned in my previous blog post that there were many changes coming in my life.  The first of which is the launch of this website, but there are more to come. 

I wrote of my love for the outdoors. 

I have a fondness for simplicity. 

I love to hunt, fish and grow my own food. 

I can’t very well enjoy that kind of lifestyle while living in the city.  The time has come to move on. After 18 years in our wonderful family home, we have decided it’s time for a change.  Jeanie and I are empty nesters now and don’t need this big 4 bedroom house in town.  We have decided to sell. 

It was both a difficult, yet easy decision.  We raised four sons in this home.  We celebrated every holiday, birthday, and individual milestone in this house and it has been filled with joy and love from the day we moved in.  The memories are the reason it’s so hard to leave and also the reason we must.  As some of you may know, we lost our youngest son Jordan to cancer. 

Jeanie and I realized that it was too difficult to be here without him.  As a family, we are helping each other through it and many of you have given us strength and we are very grateful.  It is time to turn the page.  Jeanie and I are looking for woods and water.  We intend to simplify and downsize by building a cottage in a quiet spot where we can take things down a notch.  All we really need is a bedroom and a well equipped kitchen.

I will chronicle the process here and will begin now by taking a drive in the country to find the perfect spot.  To the next family who lives here, you are getting a house with good genes.  This has been a very special place for us and we wish you many years of happiness.

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