I must have driven a few thousand miles around West Michigan trying to find the right spot to build my kitchen. (I mean our home)  I can’t even imagine how many properties I’ve seen.

Water frontage seemed prohibitive because of the price.  I had all but decided that heavily wooded acreage would serve me best.  I had a couple deals working but just didn’t pull the trigger for some reason.  I saw plenty of deer and turkeys and was really excited about the possibilities but then I got to thinking, how many more years am I going to be able to drag a deer out of the woods?  I kept coming back to the thought of being able to fish out of the back door.  I was on my cell phone with a realtor about to make an offer on a parcel of woods

when I recalled seeing a for sale sign nailed to a tree on my way here.  I decided to go for a look, hung up and started driving.

I parked the truck in front of the for sale sign, got out and started walking.  The trees were thick and mature. The fiddlehead ferns were waving in the gentle breeze.  Wild blackberries grew along the path.  Eventually, I came to a clearing and this was the view.  I now quote Robert Redford from one of my favorite movies of all time, Jeremiah Johnson when he found the spot to build his cabin.  He said simply,  “This’ll do”.

These photos take you to the beginning of construction. leave me a comment (below)and tell me what you think.

We sure are excited!

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