When we decided to sell our home, downsize and move out to the sticks, the first thing I did was call my old friend Bob Reid.

Bob and I used to work together and have been great friends for over 20 years.  He came right over, gave us sound advice,  listed the house and Boom!  He sold it in a matter of days for more than our asking price.  Thanks Bob! 

Now the mad scramble begins.  We have to pack up almost 20 years’ worth of memories and furniture and find a place to live temporarily.

What in the world am I going to do without all my kitchen stuff?

I am as well stocked as Williams-Sonoma. 

No way can all of this go to a tiny apartment kitchen.  How do you decide what you can do without during the building process?  My thoughts wandered back to when Jeanie and I were first married.  We had nothing.  We had an omelet pan, a salad bowl and a couple of glasses.  Heck, our living room furniture was a couple of cheap folding lawn chairs but we got by and we were happy.

Happiness doesn’t come from “things”.  We all do with what we have.  I won’t complain, I’ll just have to get used to a new “normal” for a while.  Adjustments are never easy but I’m going to look at this as an adventure.  After all, I now get to draw up a plan for my new (and last) kitchen. 

All I really want is enough elbow room to slice and dice without hurting anyone, a hanging pot rack for my cookware and a walk in pantry.  Winter is coming and I like being well stocked if something BIG blows in off the lake.  We all know its coming.  Enough dreaming, There is work to do, boxes to pack and I guess I’d better Google apartments and self-storage places.



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