Gatherings at the cottage should be laid back & easy.  That is precisely why the food we usually prepare is simple hamburgers and hot dogs.  Nothing wrong with that, everyone loves them. Back when I was growing up (Which is still in progress) I was a Boy Scout.  During the summer months, our entire troop would head for a campground and we always made “Hobo Pies”.  That’s probably not PC today, but that’s what we called them.  Not only are they easy & delicious, but it’s a great sneaky way to make kids eat their vegetables.  Any kid who makes a Hobo Pie is going to want to eat his or her creation.

 Just grab some stew meat and veggies, season and wrap in a foil packet.  Nothing to it!  I simply provide the meat and four plates of vegetables.  I tell the kids they have to add three.  Worked like a charm.  Eventually, they’ll start improvising by adding herbs and such.  Win win.  Simply toss the sealed foil packet on the grill or the embers.  In 20 minutes (10 per side), its time to eat!
Note:  At times, I will par-boil the potatoes ahead of time or even sear the exterior of the steak in order to accelerate the cooking time.


  • Stew meat or cubed steak
  • potatoes (diced)
  • Onion      (diced)
  • Green beans  (cut in 2-inch lengths)
  • bell pepper  (cut in strips)
  • mushrooms   (sliced)
  • A drizzle of oil
  • season with salt & pepper.

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