Truth be told, I have one absolute favorite breakfast.  I look for it on every menu I can get my hands on.  If the restaurant serves it, that’s what I get.  Nothing beats a perfectly poached egg and that luxurious sauce.  My weakness is Eggs Benedict. Unfortunately, to most people, Eggs Benedict consists of an English Muffin with a flimsy paper-thin slice of Canadian bacon and an egg of some sort on top covered with a thick sauce from a dry packet with milk added.  Not for this guy.  I was spoiled many years ago by having breakfast in the early 70’s at The Hotel Boulderado in Boulder Colorado. They set the bar so high that few (if any) can compare.  I would drive a thousand miles for this breakfast, and I have.

I lived in Boulder for four years, and the love affair never ended.  I used to take my clients to the “Hotel Boulderado” for breakfast.  They helped me close a lot of deals.  This Iconic, beautiful structure was built around 1900.  It has hosted countless celebrities and heads of state.  I remember lunches in the rustic catacombs beneath the hotel itself.  Fantastic Friday nights enjoying live jazz on the mezzanine and indeed the Sunday Brunch with musical accompaniment provided by quartets from the Boulder Symphony.  Thank goodness for my memory.  It was magical, and the food and service never disappointed.

Living a thousand miles away in West Michigan challenged me to try to recreate their magnificent repast.  As I often do, I tried to duplicate.  Takes time.  Their chefs are among the best anywhere, but I think I nailed it.  Finally.  I would like to share with you what I have learned through experimentation but by all means, if you ever find yourself in Boulder Colorado do not miss this opportunity.  While I use pork tenderloin, they also have a magnificent version with smoked salmon.  You’ll dream about it.  I’ve tried my best to honor the work of their incredible kitchen staff.  It may never be as good as theirs, but we all have a dream. My deepest gratitude to the Chefs and management at this wonderful establishment for creating a lifelong memory on a plate. I’ll be back soon!

Set oven to broil.
season tenderloins on both sides with salt & pepper and wrap with bacon.  Secure with toothpick.  Place on broiler pan or cast iron skillet.  Broil for approximately 8 minutes, then flip to other side and go another 8 minutes.  (Ovens vary so I rely on an instant read thermometer.
I generally remove them at an internal temp of 110’ and let them rest for a few minutes.
While tenderloins are cooking melt half of the butter in a skillet with the white wine and the OLD BAY.  Reduce until the butter turns a nutty brown.  Add the chopped lobster meat and sauté’.This will happen quickly. Add the remaining butter and chopped garlic for about 30 seconds or until all the butter has melted.
Plate the steaks, top with lobster meat and spoon brown butter sauce over the top.


  • Eggs Benedict (I have a big family.  My ingredients list serves 8.  You may adjust accordingly.)

    • 2 Pork Tenderloins  (See Notes)
    • 5 Lbs. potatoes.  (Mix of red new potatoes and Yukon golds)
    • 1 small jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil.
    • Fresh or dried Rosemary.
    • oil for shallow fry
    • Ciabatta Rolls or your choice of bread. (Biscuits, English muffins, Rustic sourdough, etc.)
    • 8 eggs
    • Hollandaise Sauce  (see notes)
    • Smoked Spanish Paprika
  • Hollandaise Sauce

    • 2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
    • 4 large egg yolks
    • 1/2 cup unsalted butter

I was recently visited by WOODTV 8 and eightWest’s Rachael Ruiz and we talked breakfast, benedicts, and duck fat!

Jordy and I at the Boulderado

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