My sons, Jeff, Christopher & Nick all married extremely health conscious young ladies.
Alicia, Vanessa & Jamie are all beautiful, they work out and eat right. They are also big fans of juicing and have spoken to me about the many health benefits, as has my niece, Carissa. I never got on that band wagon. It just so happened that Jeanie and I were flipping through the channels one evening after one of our favorite shows had concluded. (Longmire on Netflix)
We happened to catch “Sick, Fat & Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. This was a fascinating documentary about juicing, getting healthy and losing weight. I’m not trying to sell this to anyone, nor am I a candidate for Joe’s “Reboot” but I have to tell you how surprised I am with the taste and the results. I am too much of a foodie to give up my passion for cooking and feeding people, but replacing a meal like breakfast with a healthy alternative makes sense.

There is a little bit of investment involved in buying a juicer, but if you’d like to get your feet wet before buying a machine, I found a great place called “The Tropical Smoothie Cafe.”
I had never heard of it and just happen to spot it while running some errands. The menu is super healthy, and they have many options beyond fruit & vegetable smoothies. The staff is awesome too. They have three locations that I’m aware of. 28th Street, Kalamazoo Avenue, and Northland Drive. I am NOT a paid endorser or anything of the sort. I just like to let you know when I discover quality people and places. As I write this, I am enjoying their “Avocolada” which is avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime. Delicious!
Don’t get me wrong. I love my bacon & eggs but changing things up once in a while is a good thing.

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