I’m really dating myself here, but when we were kids it was such a special thing to have watermelon.
Back then it was seasonal.  You could only find it at the peak of summer.
No biggy for most folks now because you can find it all year (though there isn’t much flavor out of season.)

When we were little, we thought seed spitting should be an Olympic event!
Once in a while, Jeanie will spring for a 4th of July cake or cupcakes.  With the exception of artisan bread, I’ve never been much of a baker.  I guess that will have to change.  My daughter-in-law Vanessa (Christopher’s wife) is an amazing baker & Chef.  She often brings goodies.  She and my grandsons Mason & William are leaving for Italy in a few days to visit her parents.

So, with dessert up to me…….

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